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The Pyramids of The Moon

Tromsø’s unique creators of handmade jewellery, have teamed up with fellow local musician and artist Per Martinsen to create a new line of jewellery named in line with Per’s new three-headed storytelling and music project Pyramids On The Moon.


Ever since they teamed up early in 2023, the process has been a very interesting and creative one, drawing inspiration from each other’s ideas and skills, but with the benefit of the new and unexpected angles that can only emerge in the meeting point of creative collaborations.

The line consists of a handful pieces that reflect both input from the local environment, with a mix of rough, asymmetric angles and softer, rounded forms, but also elements of the mystical, with pyramidical details leaving a promise of order in an untamed natural climate.

The collection is launched in tandem with the new album TESTIMONY by N∆EON TE∆RDROPS – to be released worldwide on September 8th 2023, and can be purchased in the WABISABI web shop soon after the release of the album.

For more information, contact post@wabisabi.no